Second Development Update of Bitcoin Fast (BTCF)

January 7th, 2020 — Welcome to the second development update of the Bitcoin Fast project. With every step forward it is worth to take a look back.

Change of blockchain

Bitcoin Fast (BTCF) used to be a stellar token but due to blackmail by Stellarport exchange, explained here, the team moved to Ethereum blockchain. BTCF is now an ERC20 token and lives on Ethereum blockchain. Token swap was done for existing holders.

Exchanges, Exchanges, Exchanges!

One of the benefits when we moved to Ethereum blockchain is abundant exchange support. Exchange integration is great and we quickly paid EtherFlyer to get us listed.

Within few days, we got BTCF listed on Saturn Network, DexDelta and McAfeeDEX. These are all decentralized exchanges and do not require KYC.

The team decided to target decentralized exchanges as we try to stay away from exchanges that require mandatory KYC of its users. This is important since most the EU-based centralized exchanges would not allow non-KYC users to trade after January 10th, 2020.

MyEtherWallet support

MyEtherWallet is the most popular Ethereum wallet and we worked with them for native integration. To find BTCF in MyEtherWallet, just search for Bitcoin Fast and your tokens will show up.

Wallet integrations

We understand wallet integrations are super important. That is why we worked with Trust wallet, Binance’s official wallet, to add native support for BTCF. It shows current price in fiat as well.

We also worked with imToken wallet, which is quite popular in Asian countries to add native support for BTCF.

EtherScan Profile update

Bitcoin Fast team worked with EtherScan to get BTCF verified. Coinmarketcap integration was also done so that prices of tokens are shown. Official links to website and social media portals were also added by EtherScan.

Team fund

Team has not used any BTCF from the funds allocated in the team fund. Developers were paid off from the money raised during the ICO.

Promotion fund

Some part was used for exchange listings and promotion for articles and social media.