Stellar network has gained popularity at an unbelievable pace. Ethereum blockchain, on the other hand, is plagued with issues like high gas fees, which are very important when trading on a decentralized exchange.

BTCF team has undergone changes as well and we will be doing token swap from Ethereum blockchain to Stellar network.

Token swap will be done in 1:10 ratio since new supply is 210M. Earlier, the supply was 21M.

You must contact us on with your ethereum address and stellar address with trust line set to GD2NDD3GLGIBBTIUH72NB3AAL367C6ZYULFO7QJQKW6NB7H4QORDHDLD or just buy any amount of BTCF on Stellarterm to automatically setup a trust line to BTCF.

Last date for token swap is June 25th 2021.

BTCF can now be traded directly on (and of course on many other DEXs and CEXs). Our developers have worked with developers at Saturn Network protocol and have incorporated Saturn widget feature that allows users to trade BTCF against ETH without leaving the website.

Visit or find “Built-in Exchange” option from list of supported exchanges.

You can trade using Metamask, Cipher wallet, Coinbase wallet, Enjin wallet, Nifty Wallet, Saturn Wallet (supports both ERC20/ETC tokens) and Trust Wallet.

Our code is open source and anyone is free to take a look at it on our github.

January 14th, 2020 — Bitcoin Fast (BTCF) team has partnered with popular Enjin Wallet. From now on, you do not need to manually add details of BTCF token in Enjin Wallet. All details are automatically fetched once BTCF is sent to ETH address of your Enjin Wallet.

BTCF has also been added to where you can find detailed information about our token, including current price in USD, BTC’s sats, marketcap, volume, holders and transfers.

December 27th, 2019 — Official support for Bitcoin Fast token, BTCF, has now been added in imToken, a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many other popular cryptos and tokens. We worked with them to improve BTCF’s token-related information in imToken wallet.

About imToken

imToken is an Android and iOS wallet for ETH, BTC, EOS and ERC20 compatible tokens, it is centralized and lets users access the blockchain without locally storing it. …

February 10th, 2020 — Bitcoin Fast (BTCF) has been listed on, a fast growing cryptocurrency exchange for low- and medium-cap marketcaps. BTCF token can be traded with BTC and ETH pairs.

AltMarkets offers simple user interface for trading BTCF and other coins on the exchange. Deposit and withdrawal feels are very low as well. KYC is not needed to trade on AltMarkets.

About is a lower coin cap focused cryptocurrency exchange. Altmarkets offer a stable, easy to use platform for anyone in the cryptocurrency industry looking to trade upcoming tokens/coins generally before they hit the bigger established exchanges.

April 29th, 2020 — Bitcoin Fast (BTCF) token is now natively supported on the Ledger Live app. This means you can now send and receive BTCF from within the Ledger Live app.

To receive BTCF on your Ledger Live, just send the tokens to the Ethereum address and BTCF will automatically show up. If it does not, just search for BTCF or Bitcoin Fast in Accounts.

November 18th, 2019 — Bitcoin Fast is now doing a token swap to Ethereum’s ERC20. To make this as painless and rewarding for the users, all you need to do is follow these very simple steps.

  • Send all of your BTCF tokens to this address GCCIU525WA7X5G63APVVJG4HJ77KTD6UZ5544IIBHGRXKQM37NYX5HGJ
  • Make sure to cancel…

Bitcoin Fast


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